Homnick Systems and the SharePoint Beast

Organization scenarios where SharePoint and Homnick Systems (HSI) can help:

  • Have you ever found yourself sending the same email attachment over and over again?

  • Have you dug through your emails laboriously, trying to pick up a conversation where you left off?

  • What about tracking changes you made to documents with versions?

  • Would you like to setup approval and/or collect signatures workflows on document creation and changes?

  • Do you have a requirement to control how a document is disposed of?

  • How do we setup a centralized Calendar and Meeting system?

  • It sure would be nice to have a controlled and secure system to deliver Intranet information by our Department without the need for developers or IT workers!

  • Could I be alerted when documents, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc. change?

These are the kinds of problems that SharePoint is designed to minimize. It’s meant to transform intranet communications into a seamless and comprehensive experience. It automates all the redundancy out of your organization’s workflow, so that you can focus on your core organization’s operations. In other words, it’s a way to transform technology from a distraction into a catalyst.

SharePoint’s core functions are to:

1.      Collaborate – Easily create teams that communicate effectively

2.      Organize – Simplify the process of finding information in documents and conversations

3.      Share – Make sure everybody who needs to be up to date on something easily is

4.      Manage – Easily track and manage projects simultaneously

Finally, one of the primary benefits of SharePoint over the alternatives is the fact that it’s powered by Microsoft, so it works together seamlessly with Office and Outlook.



“Homnick Systems helped us to setup an Intranet Portal with SharePoint that replaced our outdated Portal solution. We can disseminate information in a secure and controlled fashion that is driven from data posted from the different departments. This is all accomplished without IT Developers being involved.”


Miami International Airport Director



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