Cortana Analytics Suite and Power BI

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If you are asking these types of questions when doing strategic planning in your business, then Cortana Analytics and Power BI can help.

  • How much will our profit go up if we merge with company XYZ?

  • What are the best ways to take advantage of cross-selling to our customers?

  • What is the Social Media impact to our product strategy?

  • How can we detect fraud before it happens?

  • How can we gain operational efficiency in powering our buildings?

  • Is everyone in your supply chain pulling in the same direction?

Power BI and Cortana Analytics Suite is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that transforms your data into intelligent action. 

Power BI and Cortana Analytics, implements years of Microsoft research and innovation – spanning technology & infrastructure for advanced analytics. Capabilities include machine learning, big data storage and processing in the cloud and Dashboards and Visualization with Power BI. This results in helping enterprise customers make better, faster decisions to accelerate their speed of business.

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